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18" Round Bumblebee Foil Balloon Bee Party Supplies & Fancy Dress

18" Round Bumblebee Foil Balloon

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Sweet as can bee, this 18 inch round bumblebee foil balloon will make a bee-utiful impression for bee themed parties and events. 

Balloon does not include stringed weight or helium gas.  Please check with your local helium supplier for cost to inflate. 

  • Material: Foil
  • Size: 18" (46 cm)
  • Flat packed

Please "Don't Let Them Go" - made from non-biodegradable synthetic material, when foil balloons are released into the air and left to litter, they become extremely harmful to our environment and marine/wildlife. 

Dispose balloons in your recycling bin or take them to a Card Factory store where they will recycle as part of their partnership with The Foil Balloons Free Recycling Programme 

Warning: Releasing balloons and lanterns into the air is banned through-out Wales.