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Freestanding wooden hearts with loveliest mum, loveliest nan, loveliest friend message with bees and flowers
Wooden heart with loveliest mum text and sentimental verse with bees and flowers
Solid Wooden heart with loveliest nan text and sentimental verse with bees and flowers
Solid freestanding Wooden heart with loveliest friend text and sentimental verse with butterflies and flowers

Wooden Heart Mum Nan Friend Bee Freestanding Plaque

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Bee-utiful freestanding solid wooden heart block with a choice of either "Loveliest Mum", "Loveliest Nan" or "Loveliest Friend" message.  Rustic hand-painted design featuring wildflowers with foraging pollinators and sentimental rhyme verse.

The perfect gift for mother's day, birthdays or special occasions for a beeloved female relative or friend.  Presented in matching gift box.

  • Brand: The Cottage Garden
  • Material: MDF Wood
  • Size: 15 x 15 x 3 cm
  • Hand-painted

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