Wales aims to be world's first bee-friendly country

When it comes to environmentally progressive countries, Wales has a few eco-friendly achievements that it can be proud of. 

Not only does Wales hold the No: 2 spot for best recycling country in the world; boasts some of the world's best and cleanest beaches (winning 47 Blue Flag awards - more than anywhere else in the UK); features the world's first 'people-powered' roller coaster at Greenwood Forest theme park (powered entirely by renewable energy), but now, through an initiative set up by the Welsh government and Friends of the Earth, Wales aims to add to this eco-friendly list by becoming the world's first bee-friendly country.  

The Bee Friendly/Caru Gwenyn initiative is an accredited scheme that encourages schools, communities, businesses, places of worship and public organisations to take action and help reverse declining populations of our pollinating insects and their habitats.  

To be awarded the Bee Friendly status, participators need to fulfil one or more of the four action themes:

  1. Food - providing pollinator friendly food sources.
  2. Five Star accommodation - providing places for insect pollinators to live.
  3. Freedom from pesticides - committing to avoid chemicals that harm pollinators.
  4. Fun - establishing community engagement and inclusion.

Friends of the Earth Cymru Campaigns & Development Manager Bleddyn Lake, who devised the Bee Friendly scheme said of its current success:

"It's been brilliant to see the level of enthusiasm towards this scheme from groups all around Wales.  If we all work together, we can make Wales the first Bee Friendly nation in the world."

To learn more, how you can get involved and start an action project visit the: Bee Friendly Scheme or Friends of the Earth Cymru