Pledge To "Bee the Change" - Sign Up Today!

A new initiative campaign by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is calling on everyone to make a pledge to "bee the change" - a change that will help turn our cities and countrysides into more bumblebee-friendly habitats.

The Bee the Change project is about encouraging everyone of us to make small and quick actions that will help improve our bumblebee populations, their natural environment and subsequently, benefit our own well being.

Project Officer, Chloe, said of the ease of action;

"It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the countryside. If you have a garden, a flower pot – or no outdoor space at all. You can Bee the Change wherever you live.

Bee the Change Bumblebee Conservation Trust

"Through the campaign, people can carry out quick and simple micro-actions like spotting nearby bumblebees, growing bee-friendly plants, creating wild bumblebee havens, and spreading the #BeeTheChange message with their friends, families and local communities."

The project's website features an extensive range of free resources and tools to help support you in your #beethechange action pledge. 

Sign up today and become part of a growing community all working towards helping our bumblebees across the whole of the UK. 

*The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is a registered charity in both England and Wales (No: 1115634) and Scotland (Scottish Charity No: SC042830).

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