Hip Hip Hooray! It's Our 1st Anniversary Today!

One year in and counting!

We're excited and happy to have reached our 1st year anniversary.  To celebrate this milestone, we're having a one week anniversary sale, reviewers' competition and social media giveaways.

But first thing first, we'd like to send out a big "Thank You" to all of our customers and social media followers for all the support given to us, we truly appreciate you, and hope you'll still be here with us for many anniversaries to come (positive thinking!). 

When we launched October 23rd last year, we arrived with very little fanfare and buzz; just nervous but hopeful we could find a place for us within this somewhat niche market. 

The first year of any small independent business is often filled with hurdles and pitfalls besides big learning curves; but a new business arriving just a couple of months before the start of a global pandemic, well... that brings a whole new challenge to the table. 

We're thankful to our website host "Shopify" who introduced some new features free of charge and support services to help soften the blow and lower the negative impact C19 is having on all businesses.

All that aside, it has still been a good year, and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know what our potential customers want and like - having expanded our ranges to where we now stock over 480 bee related products, besides creating new collections, such as our newly launched "The Beeloved" handmade jewellery collection. 

We've continued to support a wonderful charity, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and slowly developing ways on how to better support local British bee arts & craft artists.

Although still very much in our baby stage, we're looking forward to another year of learning, growing and Just Bee Loved becoming a brand known for not only honouring bees through our products, but also for raising awareness of their importance.

Thank you for walking with us on our journey thus far... or should that be buzzing with us! 😊

"The bee's life is like a magic well; the more you draw from it, the more it fills with water..."

Karl Von Frisch

Portrait of a buff tailed bumblebee foraging on a purpletop verbena flower by landscape and nature photographer Yasmin Flemming