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'Displays Decoded' - The Multi-sensory Language of Flowers Exhibition

In partnership with the University of Bristol Botanical Garden, artist & bee activist Alex Hirtzel, is showcasing her unique interactive exhibition 'Displays Decoded' at the Botanic Garden, which runs from July to 1st October this year.

Through a series of interactive sculptures, ultra-violet lights and heat sensitive materials, the exhibition aims to demonstrate how the multi-sensory language of flowers attract bees and other pollinating insects.

Visitors will get to experience and learn how pollinators are affected by a flower's scent, how they sense static from flowers, the cellular structure of flowers themselves and how these 'sensory modalities' form the basis to the fascinating and intrinsically complex relationship between bees and flowering plants - a mutually beneficial relationship that has evolved over 120 millions years.

Tickets need to be booked a week in advance of attendance.  For more information and entry details visit: Bristol Botanic Garden


Bumblebee Foraging on purple flowers