Our Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

It's our 2nd year anniversary (or should that be 2nd bee-day!?), and just like last year, we're creating a buzz to celebrate another year in business with our lovely customers.  We have a one week anniversary sale, a social media giveaway, plus 2 free gifts for all orders over £22*.

We'd like to send out a huge "Thank You" to all of our customers and social media followers for all the support that has continued to be shown to us.  Of course, it is great to serve and welcome new customers, but I have to admit, there's nothing like that fuzzy warm feeling you get when new customers turn into repeat customers time and time again.  Through-out our 2nd year, we have steadily built up a loyal customer fan base; it let's us know that we must be doing something right, while remembering there's always room for improvement.

Although we are a small business, run by a mother & daughter team, we try to add a personal touch to every order, whether that is writing a personalised message card for directly sent gifts on behalf of our customers, or adding a freebee reward every now and then.  Probably most importantly for us, is to continue to treat all of our returning customers as if it was their first time shopping with us.  

As we boldly buzz into our 3rd year, we hope to continue to develop and raise even more the quality and variety of our products at affordable prices.  We have a few exciting new products due to be launched in the near future.  We were hoping to launch them in time for our anniversary, but due to family bereavement, we've placed it on hold for now. 

Update: - we continued to support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust until April 2021, and we will continue to pledge product gift donations to the Trust to help in their fundraising auction events.  See our Charity Support Pledge page for more information on how we hope to make a difference - no matter how small.

Before rounding off, let's share some good news... Just Bee Loved was recently short-listed to win a special promotional shout-out by a Dragon (i.e. Dragon's Den), although we haven't won yet and we won't know the outcome until next month, just being short-listed was cause for celebration.  Wish us luck!

We hope you enjoy our anniversary week of celebrations, and you'll still be buzzing with us this time next year. 😊


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