Buzz Into Action - Save Our Bees & Pollinators

It was just three years ago in 2017, campaigning environmentalists and bee lovers had cause to celebrate with the announcement from Michael Gove that the British government would introduce a complete ban on using pesticides known to be harmful to bees and other pollinating insects.   

"The evidence points in one direction - we must ban neonicotinoids" so said Michael Gove, then Environmental Secretary. 

Fears that brexit would see a back-tracking on hard fought climate and nature protection policies seem to be well founded as just one week into 2021, and our government has announced its plan to re-introduce a banned neonicotinoid to help save the sugar-beet crop industry in the UK.

However, political affiliations aside and whether or not this move was directly influenced by our new found freedom from the EU, one thing is for sure, the emergency facing the environment and natural world cannot afford for us to start taking a regressive path.  

The science hasn't changed, the threat just as great and now made worse with this broken promise.  The continued harming of earth's greatest pollinating creature will result in not just the collapse of this one crop, but over 3/4 of all our crops globally.  

Without us, bees will do just fine, but without bees there will not be much left for us to try and protect.

We've attached some petitions below calling for the government to stop this re-introduction.  Please buzz into action, sign one and help save our bees and pollinators (& the environment) from further harm.


Greenpeace UK

The Wildlife Trusts

Friends of the Earth UK


Petition to Parliament 

Bees Messenger of Love Quote by Kahlil Gibran

Remember our motto:

"To Bee Love and Bee Loved in Return"