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Learn How To Become A Beekeeper - Taster Sessions

So you're thinking about becoming a beekeeper and wondering where's the best place to start?  Although there are no set rules on how to become a beekeeper, no prior qualifications needed to keep honey bees, most who embark on the journey of beekeeping start by taking the wisest route - which is through attending a beginners' course at their local beekeepers association/club.

Joining your local beekeepers association offers many benefits for "newbees"; you'll be mentored by experienced beekeepers, be given invaluable advice and guidance to help you understand the level of responsibility required to becoming a good beekeeper; plus, you'll become a member of The British Beekeepers Association.  

Beekeeping Beginners' Course

However, at this early stage you may not be entirely sure if beekeeping is for you.  This is where taster sessions come in - taster sessions are offered by most associations without any level of membership commitment and are a great way to learn about the basics of beekeeping and experience handling a colony of honey bees.   

These sessions provide an opportunity to see if you really want to move onto the next stage of investing in equipment and purchasing honey bees - whether you're considering beekeeping as a hobby or as a commercial venture - beekeeping is not cheap, so it's worth taking a taster session or two before spending several hundred pounds.

Beekeeping Beginners' Course

The cost of taster sessions vary quite a bit depending on location.  In places like London a session can cost around £60, whereas, my own local association (Gwent Beekeepers Association), it is £25 for approx. a 2hr session. 

To find your local association visit The British Beekeepers Association - here they provide a map listing all the clubs closest to your vicinity. 

For those in South East Wales, why not join us at The Holden Apiary & Study Centre at Llanfair Kilgeddin for our taster sessions running through-out June to September.  Visit GBK - Taster Sessions to see a list of when sessions are taking place and how to book.

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